Ford Truth About Trucks

Reel of the TAT App in Action

The 'Ford Truth About Trucks' kiosk is a Real-Time 3D app made with Unity. It features the Ford F-150 and all Super Duty series. The kiosk allows customers in dealerships to learn everything about the Ford Trucks. From exterior design, capabilities, under-the-skin components and power, to driver assist technologies, and a complete inventory system that that ties into dealer inventory. Check out the video to view it in action. The application is featured in over 1500 Ford dealerships around North America.

Made is Unity 2019.4 and HDRP 7.4

As the CG Supervisor, my responsibilities included lighting and rendering, overall visualization and creative art direction, managing the production process, and managing client relations and expectations.

This project was created by Texel Logic, a Jackson Dawson company.

April 27, 2021